St Mark’s
Methodist Church

n:counta 11-14 yrs

The Senior programme

is based on a MP3 player theme. It presents a series of twenty issues that matter to this age. It explores life skills and looks at how to make a valued contribution to our community. Tracks include Global Citizenship, Using Technology, World Needs, Let's Get Creative and Girls' Brigade Values.

We meet on

Wednesday Evenings

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4-8 yrs

6-7 pm


8-11 yrs

7-8.30 pm


11-14 yrs

7-8.30 pm


14+ years

7-8.30 pm

n:spire 14-18 yrs

The Brigader programme

is based on a television theme following ‘channels’ which reflect aspects of life relevant to this age group. In each channel there are five programmes presented in the form of challenges. Channels include Current Affairs, Money, Responsibility and Domestic Goddess.


4-8 yrs

Follows a series of n:vestigations designed to help girls develop an understanding of the world around them. One n:vestigation is designed to last five weeks. Some n:vestigation titles include God's Family, Our Planet, Other Countries and The Outdoors



8-11 yrs

The Junior programme presents a series of twenty adventures in which the girls can n:gage. Each one is based on a different value or characteristic. One adventure takes five weeks to complete. Some n:gage titles include Faith, Kindness, Friendship, Service and Co-operation.


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